Symbiosis of Management and ICT Consulting


For many years, PlenarIT Ltd relies successfully on the holistic consulting approach of a symbiosis of management consulting and information and communication technology. Therefore, we connect the three domains «Strategy and Business Model », «Processes and Organization» and «Technology» to an open information architecture. The information system becomes the center, combining the entire value chain, which means all the way from the suppliers through the production to the customer, and controls and monitors them in an intelligent way. The technical implementation covers all business relevant processes and offers an entrepreneurial added value. The information system 4.0 becomes a tool to standardize processes and to structure complex tasks to handle them with a total view.

With the holistic procedure we also consider the influencing factors like digitalization, globalization and automation. Further, we prevent combinations of isolated applications, duplications of master data and  transaction data to ensure the binding of customers, suppliers and further partners within the value chain.

We develop strategies and concepts across departments and define the target landscape with you. Subsequently, we evaluate the information system with you and ensure the realization of the relevant business functions with the supplier during the concept phase. In the end, we support you with the implementation's verification and the data migration, so the new solution can be used productively from day one.

The Phases

Our procedure can be roughly structured into five phases. Depending on your requirements and the distribution of tasks, the phases will be executed with different emphasis.

  1. Situation Analysis
    We begin with the analysis of the business model and the strategy. Only if these are established future-oriented, the goals for the information system can be formulated correctly. At the second part the ICT architecture and their processes will be analyzed to undergo a first rating regarding the efficiency and rigor.
  2. Target Definition
    We develop the goals with you and sketch the complete solution.
  3. Master Plan
    Based on the goals, a master plan showing the different stages and defining clear responsibilities will be created. The new challenges must be considered on a middle and long term basis. So the whole topic of Industry 4.0 is not a sprint, but a marathon over many stages.
  4. Evaluation
    The first stage selects the systems based on the requirements and searches for the best suppliers for the realization.
  5. Realization
    The realization consists of two parts, the conception and the implementation. During the conception, we accompany your core team for the attunement with the suppliers and we ensure that the business relevant requirements are always paramount and don't implement technical artworks. During the implementation, we support you with the test scenarios, supervise the work of the suppliers and we will show you the most efficient way for the data migration.
  6. Update
    The master plan will be updated constantly and revised when necessary to take the respective circumstances and partnerships into account at any time.

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Our experienced and pragmatic employees and partners will gladly show you intelligent systems, oriented processes and new business models, so you will be able to offer future-oriented and intelligent products and services to your customers.

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